Event Dates

Apr 11 - Apr 14, 2024

Event Times

7:55 am - 8:00 pm CDT


Loretta Lynn's Ranch - Hurricane Mills, TN 37078


April 14th

Event Element

Multi-Use Motorized


KPN Team 936-446-7966 [email protected]

You read that correctly. Yes, you can arrive with your dirtbike and ride Loretta Lynn’s 3000 acres of old growth Timber in the hills of Tennessee.

If you are a lone wolf type come alone. You will find new and an perhaps familiar folks. It’s up to you. Pick and choose who to hang by the campfire with but don’t miss this rare opportunity.

Got a crew: Sign up. Email or text this link: https://kpnusa.com/events/start-tradition-of-loretta-lynns-2024/

Familes are going to love it. Why? Because they have other things to consider at this rare private venue. https://www.lorettalynnranch.net/

When – April 11, 2024: The local club assembles and gets organized. Check in and consider stepping up to help on behalf of KPN

Where: Loretta Lynn’s Ranch – Hurricane Mills,  37078

Go with the Flow: https://kpnusa.com/wp-content/uploads/2024/03/2024springriderules-1.pdf

  • Extended to the Attendee
  • Amazing venue: 
  • Great people: For some, it’s camaraderie. For others it’s fellowship. Discover a spirit that heals.
  • Relax and release: Get it out of your system: Ride or show up and relax
  • Plan future Stewardship: Opportunities to give back to the community by doing ordinary things exceptionally well.
  • Purpose: Be part of a culture that makes things fun while getting things done that benefit us all. 

The celebration of life is a unique experience facilitated by dozens of dedicated non-paid volunteers. These volunteers wholeheartedly support Loretta Lynn’s mission to give back, express gratitude, and spread love to patriotic individuals around the globe. At Knowledge Point Network, we are committed to ensuring that this celebration never approaches an unsustainable situation. We believe in the importance of preserving and nurturing this experience for future generations. That’s why we encourage you, your friends, and your family to contribute to simply in attending this event. Your contributions help us continue our mission of teaching and fostering a lifelong love of liberty and freedom, ensuring that this celebration of life remains a vibrant and enduring tradition.


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