Veterans 365 Challenge

Ensure veterans and their families experience healing when utilizing public and private land knowing Multi-Use recreational access is certain 365 days a year.

The Value of Veterans

Military Veterans swore an oath to protect our country, its people, and the liberties we cherish. Combat Veterans suffer a great price to ensure liberty for each of us. They pay an often high price due to the stress associated with fighting. One of our liberties is access to state and federal parklands.

The utilization of rural public land allows all of us a break away from urban routines. Healing is afforded to all as research has proven. To regain balance in our harried lives, recreation is critical. Each person generally experiences a replenishing of spirit when enjoying the natural public spaces.
Key to what KPN is about is affording and adamantly encouraging our wounded veterans, be it physical wounds or mental, the opportunity to find relief in God’s natural gift. The forest, ponds, trails, and more.
Now, both for the civilian who wishes to thank the warrior along with the warrior can work and build purpose side by side. The opportunities to find succor for our many cares and worries and build strong life missions are endless. Let us endeavor together.

Per Federal Guidelines a unique "multiuse" classification layers all recreation onto motorized corridors. (Hiking, Mountain Biking, Equestrian, Hunting, Fishing, Camping, Birding, etc.) Invariably Parks and Wildlife, plus USDA Forest Service layer vastly different land use reality. Visitors embark onto some of the nation’s most fragile soils Sadly, with increasing regularity, the corridor most frequented by veterans is closed, while all other recreation venues remain open.

KPN has demonstrated the ability to overcome mother nature’s fury and the erosion of soils. We even find ways to overcome the compounding bureaucracy that
erodes our freedoms disguised as safety protocols. Still, we press forward. We are able to increase standards of forest maintenance regardless of the chronic flooding created by weather events. Because the burden is relentless, we turn to our warriors for strategy.
Veterans and essential workers are not ones to shy away from a challenge; thus the Veteran 365 challenge was birthed. We will prevail together despite roadblocks to freedom. Both those with a servant's heart and our vaunted warriors know that if you give an inch, they take a mile.

Jr. Ambassador Program

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The Veteran 365 Measure

Ensure veterans and their families are experiencing healing when utilizing public land, knowing unconditional Multi-Use recreational access is certain 365 days a year.

Some persons who have no real understanding of what is good for the land will suggest that any “activity” is having an undesired impact. We disagree. We will remind them, “The collective capacity of the community IS the solution.” 

Forest Service ground is classified in such a way as to afford the perfect incubator for good works while not destroying stewardship of mother earth and its healing effects. We focus on preservation. Specific lands are classified to eradicate all but select humans as “invasive”. USDA has a range of classifications with congressional oversight to eradicate any intrusion in particular sections. With the blessings of government agencies, environmental activists define many key areas of usable lands as a “no touch” area, generally with no investigation of impact.

The corridors known as MultiUse Motorized are preferred by veterans. Luckily, the :’ motorized classification” in forest service public venues exists. It is the perfect educational venue. These areas are the perfect ones to educate the next generation in the proper use of the forest and, at the same time, giving our veterans a means to grow and develop their life missions. Here, the human spirit lives, and humans can accomplish far more good than leaving the areas untouchable to fester and decline.

Key to the efforts is turning work into play. Making the fruitful management of the forest areas that are traveled by diverse people a heart-building mission. Knowledge Point Network’s classroom comes into effect. It’s this pursuit of happiness through a path from consumption to the contribution that solidifies our place at the forefront of recreational ecosystem management. 

The results in the field are proof positive. Follow-up repairs to the trails can overcome the negative impact of mother nature, so man’s impact is relatively slight. When people are given the opportunity to contribute, to volunteer, then the forest benefits along with the volunteers.

 It’s time for all of us to focus our local, state, and federal governmental agencies and human resources to serve not only those that preserve our freedoms but the general population at large. Harmony is the key. People working together for each other and FOR the forest. Everyone gains. . For our veterans, they need a mission bigger than themselves. As civilians, we need to help them enhance their reasons for living.


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Off Road Track Chair Adventure

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Veteran Preference Employment Opportunities

Veteran Rapid Retraining Assistance Program


The Veteran Rapid Retraining Assistance Program (VRRAP) offers education and training for high-demand jobs to Veterans who are unemployed because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recreation Assistant


Responsible for overseeing all beach activities for the assigned portion of Bellows AFS Beach operations. Observes and enforces safety rules and regulations. Patrols beach on foot, rescue craft, ATV or other vehicles to identify safety hazards and to monitor beach and ocean activities. Monitors ocean conditions and evaluates hazards



VIP fellowship

"As civilians we need to help them redefine the reasons for living."