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We leveraged your donations with a grant from the American Legion CWF to illustrate a potent antidote away from self harm.

Jr. Ambassador program 20 Second Overview

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Veteran 365 movment defined

The KPN intervention is aims to iradicate suicide in youth with disruptive approach flipping the focusing toward parent. Phase one establishes a custodial culture, fostering a durable “army of one” mentality in both adult and youth. This is achieved through deliberate stewardship of external surroundings, reinforcing internal antidotes that start in the home. The emphasis is on understanding that the conveyance—the boot, the bicycle, horse, or motorcycle—is not crucial. Instead, the focus is on the belief that the deeper into the forest one goes, the closer they are to the heavenly father, and the deeper the healing. KPN is research proven. When we reduce self-harm in the parent we significantly reduce the likelihood of the offspring dying by suicide.

In the opening minute of the 10 minute (disruptive approach ) video prior, we set the stage. In this video we are showcasing the profound impact of fulfilling a simple request that maintains the dignity of a disabled Combat Veteran in the eyes of his family. This theme is powerfully illustrated through the approval of a boy’s vision by the family, highlighting the deep emotional connection and fulfillment that comes from granting this request. The video also highlights the crucial role played by donors and volunteers who support KPNUSA.com, making these impactful moments possible.

Events that keep them moving

Behind the scenes

The off-road track chair adventure facilitated by KPNUSA.com offers a truly euphoric experience, as depicted in the video and audio edits by Army Combat Veteran Zach Griffin. Zach’s involvement adds a personal touch as he accompanies disabled Veterans, allowing them to extend their range and experience the outdoors in a profound way.

For many, the allure of the beach is strong, yet navigating sandy terrain is nearly impossible without the track chair. Priced at $25,000, the track chair is cost-prohibitive for most, but KPN makes this experience accessible, providing a sense of freedom and exploration that would otherwise be out of reach.

Whether cruising along the beach, soaking in the healing atmosphere, or venturing deep into the forest, each moment is deeply meaningful. The journey into the forest is particularly poignant, as it symbolizes drawing closer to a higher power and experiencing deeper healing.

Inspiration is rather simple: We wish to serve those who served us

Ready to be blown away? In 2016 we put out a call for bridge builders

The bridges are key to what causes a trail segment to close. Volunteers head up the effort to place and maintain them as this video depicts.

Birth of Dozer Dogz History memorialized

The Legendary Dozer Dogz program was founded in 2006 by Ed Ponikvar, Founder of Knowledge Point Network. It is a testament to the pinnacle of facilitating mission purpose for patriots. The program was established on the fundamental principle of serving those who swore an oath to protect the motherland and those who sacrificed for liberty.

Driven by a desire to empower veterans to find their path to serenity and salvation, the program aims to bridge impossible ideas in both impoverished and flourishing communities. This mission begins by converting civilians from consumption to contribution while also ensuring the dignity of disabled and PTSD-suffering military soldiers and their families is kept intact.

A key focus of the program has been ensuring compliance for both private and public land ownership. This commitment is exemplified by the rigorous Forest Service Dozer Certified operator course, which takes approximately 500 hours to complete.

In 2006, the program secured its first private track equipment (Dozer), redirecting Off-Highway Vehicle registration and satisfactory revenue (Selective “fun” tax) dollars back to productive service for all. This initial success led to the replication of the program in 2016, empowering a Marine to be entrusted with a Federal Dozer funded by Texas Parks and Wildlife. The key to the entire program revolves around a fundraising genius that facilitates a grant match management protocol. The shortfall of the debt accumulated under previous leadership was extinguished by a copyrighted program that converts labor into grant match in compliance with parks and wildlife fiscal agents nationwide. It remains the bedrock foundation of success. Due to the training afforded by Ed Ponikvar the Dozer Dog’s program was born 2006 formerly known as the “Educational Funding Alliance” and continues today business as Knowledge Point Network.

The program’s success has been remarkable, with its unique protocols inspiring civilian and military volunteers to join forces with private and public landowners. The only one to be successfully replicated repeatedly and sustained through non-paid volunteers, it annually performs over $850,000 of community works at no cost to communities nationwide.

The program’s funding comes from grants, and every dollar generously given by donors is layered in compliance to the donor fiscal agents to ensure certainty. 

Please contact the KPN TEAM at 936-446-7966 for further information or to contribute

What is the single day record for distributing 60 lb pavers

Record for hauling & placing 60 lbs pavers in a day = 210 Thats 6.3 ton using a standard pickup!

“We extend our gratitude to all those who contribute to sustaining Knowledge Point Network’s mission. Our empowerment revolves around protocols: Plan, Prepare, Execute. If you can envision a way to improve, take action and get it done!”

The video below is only a fraction of what it takes to maintain public access.

Disclaimer: Sustaining public access on some of Texas’s most fragile soils, if not the nation’s, has been a journey marked by trials and tribulations. This video invites viewers to witness the transformative power of honorable leadership in overcoming bureaucratic challenges. By highlighting the before-and-after effects of these efforts, viewers can see firsthand the positive impact that empowerment and dedicated leadership can have on maintaining public access to these precious natural resources. Perhaps not for the faint of heart we feel this depicts a potent antidote away from dispair. We wrote the book on converting from consuption to contribution through facilitaing mission purpose that provides for all. Never underestimate the potential of a non paid volunteers passion.

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Optic Flow step by step for adults

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Ed Ponikvar sitting on stump in the woods

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