Knowledge Point Network facilitates solutions on behalf of other visions of how to give back. Have an idea but lack the construct to provide, implement and report? No worries. the KPN team can help. Step one is getting your project funded. Notice the examples and the categories to donate. Once you fund your project we can aid in the best practice of awarding and reporting.

How You Can Get Your Project Funded

Grants afford an outcome otherwise not obtainable by an individual. Your ability to convey ongoing sustainability of a good idea is perhaps more important than the need. In other words, you increase your chances of arriving at your vision when you consider and plan mindful of all impacted. How do you mitigate for the effect of your cause or event? Will erosion occur? If so, what would you do to prevent imbalance with a natural setting. Will material and actions have a lasting effect and if yes, what debris is left for the next generation to maintain? How do you address these systemic impacts is critical in your application.

Path in the Forest

We Can Help You Make A Change

The Knowledge Point Network culture facilitated wishes hopes and dreams for a half decade prior to formation. All has been facilitated absent overhead in paid staff. Over $350,000 of labor, time and logistics are donated annually. With no end in sight, Knowledge Point Network was formed as a vessel worth pouring into. For all that struggle with adversity, doubt and the fear of failing, we exist. We embrace the endeavor required to arrive at a better state of social emotional wellbeing not to mention the physical benefits. Certainty is perhaps the most sought after of all wants and wishes.

Solutions and Experiences Available once funded

Health and Wellness

Amount: $500.00

Whether you’re dealing with mental health conditions yourself or are a caregiver for someone who suffers, it’s easy to feel alone and overwhelmed. Depression isn’t uncommon to all people. In these cases, bonding with an animal can help fill this void. Dogs, in particular, offer unconditional companionship. An Australian study of 199 patients who were […]

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Off Road Track Chair Adventure

Amount: $4500 Goal

Status $4500 Minimum Balance NOT Met. Please donate or ask how to activate your own fundraising initiative

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Confidence Booster

Amount: $1500

Compliance fees and equipment rental are covered when you agree to your long-term commitment to safe use of off-road vehicles on public land. Participants will learn the following: All governmental safety compliance measures must be met. Education on safe operation of the vehicles. Proper use of personal protective equipment. Methodical novice starter steps to use […]

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Stewardship Grant

Amount: $5000

Sustained access to our forest areas via motorized vehicles must be maintained for those who wish to serve those who worked and fought to preserve our freedoms. Participants in this volunteer program will experience Fellowship, Liberty, and Stewardship of the (MTM) by working to maintain the  Motorized Trails. You are a Trail Maintainer. Through two […]

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Trails for Troops Trail Experience

Amount: $500

This experience is preceded by a ‘Next Mission” workshop. The next step for a combat veteran or your child/children is to set a goal to experience the healing effects when utilizing the natural forest with a safety sidekick from KPNUSA.  Extend your DD214 along with your application. Define your plan for the half-day involvement in […]

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Stick It or Ticket

Amount: $35.00

You or your child/children wish to travel through USDA Forest Land on a motorcycle. Below are a host of compliance requirements: OHV sticker Day Pass Helmet Spark Arrestor Category: Off-Highway Vehicle compliance: Reminder, if you don’t have your OHV sticker, the fine is $280.00. When you apply the OHV sticker on your vehicle, you show […]

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Grant Application

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