Non-Cash Giving

Non-Cash Giving

Knowledge Point Network accepts gifts of personal property. Once you make your gift, we qualify how to integrate it. If the item does not directly support our core needs, KPN facilitates an independent entity to sell the item(s) and give the proceeds to Knowledge Point Networks’ most needed initiative.

  • Pianos (and most other musical instruments)
  • Timeshares and cemetery plots
  • Anything you would see in a thrift store (books, housewares, apparel)
  • Totaled or undrivable motorcycles, autos and RVs
  • Anything considered objectionable at the discretion of KPN

  • Boats, RVs, ATVs and other recreational vehicles
  • Non-running tools or equipment
  • Non-flood prone property
  • Other donations with an actual resale value of $250 or more
  • Business interest

    • Dirt motorcycles and street motorcycles
    • ATVs, UTVs, trenchers, lawnmowers, landscaping equipment
    • Autos, trucks, RVs, travel trailers
    • Commercial equipment, dump trucks, single and double-axle trailers
    • Excavators and heavy road equipment

Non-Cash Giving Form

Would You Rather Give Through Donation?

Feel free to give through donation or time. Whichever best fits your needs. Any time given helps change the trails for others.