Liberty, Fellowship, and Stewardship

Fostering camaraderie, fellowship and fun we find purpose knowing all are served through our utilization and stewardship of public and private land with priority for combat veterans, essential workers and their families.

Liberty Discovered

"Freedom" is not just a series of liberties we obtain or perceive, but an internal construct as well. In other words, to be truly free is to take ownership of what goes on between one’s ears, to be autonomous in thoughts first and actions second. Your freedom to act a certain way can be taken away from you – but your attitude about your circumstances cannot – making one's freedom predominantly an internal construct.

Camaraderie and Connection

Many people working together within the natural elements of a forest region affords a depth of camaraderie, fellowship, and purpose to everyone. Natural Forest (Wilderness) lands are frequented by hikers, cycling enthusiasts, horseback riders, campers, hunters, and motorcyclists. The motto of Knowledge Point Network has always been "To repair it better than it was before we got here.”

We bet you are curious about how to serve and benefit from that service. You know that greater rewards result from performing responsible acts but you're not exactly sure how to go about it. In our program, you can grow from first-level "Friend" to Factor and on to "Fellow." That implies that we have considerable expertise and structure designed to help you grow. You can help us maintain and enjoy this forest land, for none of "US" are as strong as "ALL OF US". Come join us and realize the joy.

Recreational Stewardship

Volunteers generally find it extremely rewarding to give back. The founders of KPN harvested best practice techniques in coordinating training afforded by the US Department of Agriculture. Over decades we experimented with stakeholders developing advanced methods of trail stewardship on some of our nation's most fragile soils. We established higher standards of best practice out of solving challenging situations through incredibly diverse perspectives and input.

Perhaps you're considering volunteering for the first time? Asking yourself what's in it for me? We pretty much can guarantee fun, family, friends, camaraderie, fellowship, fitness, and knowledge. KPN is comprised of specialists with a broad range of life skills and leadership experience. We can provide numerous skill development options because of our subject matter experts who work to build each individual with trust cemented through action. Learn more about what it means to be a volunteer with KPN.

Our Culture

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Explore your pathway of choice. Make your way to the water's edge or trailhead and pause on what plagues your mind for a time. Exert yourself in the program at your pace but know that KPN can outfit your journey no matter what is needed. Utilize and enjoy the rich healing of natural spaces with one of our” safety sidekicks” at your side. Make new friends and enjoy the fellowship of your fellow forest explorers.

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KPN facilitates a broad range of groups we call “tribes.” A nurturing guide (safety sidekick) will lead you carefully into the wild. You will arrive farther into the wilderness than you would otherwise go alone. We call these guides “factors” because they exhibit the skill to navigate corridors and pathways of the trails and of life. Regardless of how you get there (by hiking, motorcycling, etc.), healing is assured as we assist you in how to navigate both internal and external limits skillfully.

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The deepest rewards for many volunteers are found when accomplishing the stewardship required to sustain the forest area 365 days a year. We foster purpose in ourselves as we save and improve the forest environs. The “Factor” level comes in performing stewardship through chores or coordinating events that enhance the experience for others. Mission purpose is sustained when you aim to move from "Friend", through "Factor" up through “Facilitator to becoming a “KPN Fellow”

Make A Difference Today

Principal Sponsors


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"I use the trails, and I have done my fair share of stewardship, but you know what? Being a sustaining part of this mission is lifting my spirit as much if not more than those we serve."

– Chef

"I realized I have spent the last 30 years trying to find that which I experienced with my father as a child. After enjoying our time riding on trails with so many different people, I realized what I had been missing is camaraderie."

– Commercial Pilot

"I didn't understand why my mentor suggested I volunteer to grow my leadership skills. I gave my time to various organizations, but when I discovered this organization and its culture, I found the leadership skill development I needed. I feel I am a better friend, father, and manager of my employer's team."

– Senior Executive

"The reason I donated to Knowledge Point Network? Because they achieved what no one else could. For over 30 years we were ignored in our effort to correctly classify my family property. KPN investigated. They outlined the rationale and process. We submitted our case to proper authorities. The case was resolved in less than 30 days."

– Native Texan

“The 2020 Pandemic destroyed my business. No product, no money. No money, no food. After all the conventional assistance programs dissolved, I ended up in the hospital. Embarrassing but malnutrition was the diagnosis. Before I knew what was happening, Knowledge Point Network arranged hot meals to be delivered until I can get back on my feet.”

– Military Veteran

"The rewards in supporting Knowledge Point Network's mission are at a whole other level. I have supported various projects and missions not knowing where they would lead. I was searching for making a difference through a meaningful mission. I wanted to hone my leadership skills. I found it. Man, did I find it!"

– KPN Facilitator

"I can't quite put my finger on it, but perhaps it's how we empower that's most rewarding."

– KPN Factor

"I thought I was doing my part but, wow, an entire aspect was being missed. Equipped with the knowledge, community, and confidence builder activities, the contributions we are facilitating are amazing."

– Recently moved from Friend to Factor level

A Disruptive Approach to PTSD: An internal type of maintenance that last eternal

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Your Forest, Your Freedom, Your Fun. We know you care. Each person is an essential element. We appreciate you being a "friend" of the forest. Being warm to others. When you are ready, consider stepping up to be a "factor".

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