KPN treats your anonymity as paramount. We work diligently to protect your privacy. In submitting the registration form, you are requesting the non-public portal of KPN. Our mission is to act with priority for PTSD-suffering Combat Veterans, their families, friends, and sponsors. We aim to destigmatize the conversation about mental health through meaningful events and promote camaraderie resulting in reduced self-harming behavior. Everyone starts as friends of KPN in this struggle. Individuals exhibiting joy while volunteering have the skill. They are lifting the spirits of others through the endeavor. They have the ability to activate rise and lift others with them as leaders. Once you become a member, you can create a record of your efforts and education related to a particular project and on your way to becoming a factor.

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I always have picked up what others leave behind. I have volunteered but wonder other ways to have an impact. The custodial culture sounds great. Send me more info
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