Support by Giving of Your Time

Knowledge Point Network stands ready to respond. We specialize in inspiring all who struggle with uncertainty. Whether your needs range from simple initial steps toward purpose and fulfillment to something far more rigorous, we help you to accomplish your goals. It is said we accomplish what money can't buy. We provide purpose, certainty, and camaraderie as you serve those who have served us in the military.

Do Your Part

One could argue our region has some of the most fragile soils in the nation. Increased pressure grows from the expanding Houston metroplex. On the cusp of being ranked the 3rd largest metropolitan area in the country only increases demand and the impact that will result. Knowledge of historical challenges and our stewardship of the forest environs allows KPN to work smarter, not harder. Some suggest it’s impossible to prevent mother nature challenges related to erosion. Our methods are proven in empirical evidence over decades of experience.

When you sign up, you get access to an array of tools and processes that improve the natural areas, and you record your contribution of labor and love.

You Can Help Directly From Your Home

Did you know you can accrue hours toward our “Grant Match” for a project from home? Sign up and listen to a podcast. Then fill out and submit your time listening and learning. Knowledge becomes your first contribution. In the podcast, you will learn valuable information pertaining to how a public land initiative can be converted into action. When you take a moment to submit your time it creates a record of how much you care. You are giving back and you are wise to produce a record that signifies your stewardship. This time on task record is available AFTER you sign up to become a factor.

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The Volunteer Process


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Apply to become a factor

When you volunteer, you will learn stewardship of the ecosystem while fully enjoying the land. Sign up. Record your contribution. Become a factor.

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You're already giving so capture that effort. Record your time on task

Enjoy the healing and camaraderie by helping serve those who served our freedoms. Get KPN listed with your employer and compound the contribution.

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Solve For Solutions

Now that you have facilitated a few stewardship events of your own, you are ready to move up to Facilitator. Apply what you have learned in planning, then commit to a date to contribute in supplying guidance to others. Focus on sustaining KPN’s mission. Create your own fundraising campaigns. Provide guided experiences leading others to see the path. We are defining the custodial culture to move from consumption to contribution.

Become a "Factor" Today

Your anonymity is of paramount importance to us. We will protect your privacy. Once your application is approved, you will become a “Factor.” Just as the title implies: Factors have more fun, flexibility, and influence.

Bonified Tax Deductable 501c3 charity

Love how we go about solving problems with and through others but don't have the time? Give knowing we grow every dollar 3 fold. How do we do that? Grants from governmental agencies! Rare is a charity registered as a contractor with the US government. KPN wrote the book on overcoming bureaucratic compliance. Give generously, knowing every dollar's impact is multiplied to produce far more impact than any other approach. Click into our history or recent news, watch the videos and grasp the amazing accomplishments, both external and internal. We protect the donor dollar and we report our impact withe explicit detail.