Event Dates

Sep 7, 2023

Event Times

6:15 pm CDT


Lone Star Community Center 
2500 Lone Star Pkwy, Montgomery, TX 77356  

Event Element

Multi-Use Motorized

Location: 2500 Lone Star Pkwy, Montgomery, TX 77356  Lone Star Community Center 

Required by an attendee: Nothing but Kindness however, if you have stuff to repurpose as a donation bring it.

Extended to the attendee:

  • Food, Beverage, Dessert 
  • A chance to win new retail items
  • A chance to network with others
  • Rekindle with those you know or make a NEW friend
  • Clarifying mission and how to be a part 
  • Celebrating those on the path
  • Advance notice WHEN events are going to happen
  • Input on event details and how to make “it” better. 

 To ensure the fulfilling effects of the forest.

  • It is about being mindful of what’s most fulfilling 
  • It is doing stewardship to sustain 
  • It is about craving the best life and charting the path


5:45 pm: Early Birds may arrive, and help set up. Observing what needs doing, pitch in. Supplying whatever to whoever needs a helping hand. Takes about 15 minutes then make sure the food is ready and socialize.

6:29 pm Bless the meal and eat:  The majority of folks arrive at this time. Pick a table, eat catch up. Share a recent trip or vacation you have been on.

Speaker, skills training, updates on where to ride, and how just having our events sustain our community. Enhance future events in adjusting and making changes.

Homemade Zucchini bread for dessert.

6:55 pm: Adjourn

7:30 pm: Lock up the building and enjoy the fulfillment of our fellowship

Head Home

Locals often help unload at the GYM and hang out watching previous races, and sipping fitness water.

Rumor was night ride, but no one stepped up to own the logistics. If this or other types of events are of interest, the first step is to list those who will be at your side to help and draft a plan.


Registration Form Required

Association with the military or law enforcement
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Yes, I understand this event is happening in Montgomery at the Lone Star Community Center(Required)
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When returning home at the end of the event you will be able to reflect on the following: Peace of mind created by doing something with and for others. It's a perfect blend of connecting, being part of something plus you meet interesting people from 3 generations.