Event Dates

Sep 23, 2023

Event Times

9:00 am CDT



Location: Details provided once you register

Required by an attendee: Nothing but Kindness; however, if you have things to repurpose as a donation bring it.

Extended to the attendee:

  • Transport
  • Fuel for the mind, body, heart, and spirit
  • Connection, camaraderie, accomplishment

 To ensure sustained mission purpose:

  • We start simply always mindful of what’s most fulfilling 
  • Consider teaming together to supply stewardship  
  • It is about craving the best life and charting the path


Early Birds may arrive, and help set up. Observing what needs doing, pitch in. Supplying whatever to whoever needs a helping hand. Takes about 30 minutes to make sure all is ready.

Bless the union of our families and begin:  Pick a safety sidekick. Explore the venue. Consider the most productive path

Introductions. Learn how Mr. Griffin came to be living his passion and how KPN facilitates

Mr. Griffin and volunteers encourage stability plus durability. Tough questions answere always with the aim in solving for solutions

For final review fill out a feedback form.

Adjourn, Clean up, pack up, returning the area as we found it.

Reflections from the experience must pinpoint the next event date time and location. Consider who can join. 

Registration Form Required

Association with the military or law enforcement
I want to but unsure how to help?
Your Name(Required)
Guest name and contact
Yes, I understand this event is Kelly's Pond in the Sam Houston National Forest(Required)
What should I bring?
You can review the KPN Volunteer Waiver HERE here