Event Dates

Feb 24, 2024

Event Times

6:30 pm CST



For over a decade, we have secured box seats. It’s quite easy. We fill out a form entering an agreement with services and all is split evenly. Folks pay in advance and they pay without hesitation.

Details here:



Required by an attendee: Nothing but Kindness, however.

  • A chance to network with others
  • Rekindle with those you know or make a NEW friend
  • Input on event details and how to help lend a hand. 

 Q. What is the mission of KPNUSA?

  • The mission of Knowledge Point Network is to enhance those who utilize its unique family-oriented services for their own self-growth, self-healing, and in gaining tools to overcome adversity; and in structuring a network of individuals from all walks of life, especially military veterans, who build strong, supportive relationships for their whole lives.
  • We accomplish this by maintaining events within a community https://kpnusa.com/upcoming-events/
  • We wrote the book on stewardship and we stand at the ready when the call to action comes AND THE CALL IS GOING TO COME.
  • We inspire and when it’s time we will arrive to the call again.
  • Until then, let’s play but donations make that just a bit more satisfying. https://kpnusa.com/ways-to-give/#donate


Registration Form Required

Association with the military or law enforcement
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Yes, I understand this event is happening at NRG stadium(Required)
You can review the KPN Volunteer Waiver here