Event Dates

Nov 19, 2022

Event Times

9:00 am CST


Lone Star Community Center 
2500 Lone Star Pkwy, Montgomery, TX 77356  

Location: 2500 Lone Star Pkwy, Montgomery, TX 77356  Lone Star Community Center 

Required by an attendee: Nothing but Kindness; however, if you have things to repurpose as a donation bring it.

Extended to the attendee:

  • All art supplies 
  • A warm welcome in a climate-controlled venue
  • Skills that will afford the expression linked to an appreciation of all that we hold dear

 To ensure the fulfilling effects of coastal areas:

  • It is about being mindful of what’s most fulfilling 
  • It is doing stewardship to sustain 
  • It is about craving the best life and charting the path


8:30 am: Early Birds may arrive, and help set up. Observing what needs doing, pitch in. Supplying whatever to whoever needs a helping hand. Takes about 30 minutes to make sure all is ready.

8:55 am: Bless the union of our families and begin:  Pick a table. Ponder a recent event involving nature

9:00 am: Introductions. Learn how Mickie Thompson came to be living her passion

9:15am: Mickie rotates tables as she and volunteers encourage creativity, answering any questions

11:00 am: Final review fill out a feedback form. Adults submit feedback for drawing to get your surprise!

11:15 am:  Adjourn, Clean up, pack up, returning the room as we found it.

Reflections from the previous event: Harvesting of seashells, pine cones, pine needles, and everyday common items are always pointed out as a missed opportunity. We will discuss the next Art event dates, and depict how you can collect, deliver and share art materials to make your reflections and visions art.

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