Event Dates

Mar 16, 2023

Event Times

7:30 am CDT


KPN headquarters Montgomery Texas. Address once you RSVP

7:30 am Arrive at KPN headquarters.

Cook Team is on point to logistically prepare lunch for CB employees and the public heading out at 11:15 am.

Required by an attendee: Wear closed toes shoes. NO crocs or sandals. Boots or hiking shoes preferred. Long pants and long sleeved shirt. Cellphone and or something to write on. 

Extended to the attendee and Christian Brothers Staff:  Brisket Breakfast Tacos. 

Theme: Making it fun to get things done: 


7:30 am: Early Birds can arrive before that time, help set up, and meet and greet with breakfast served to the team.

1. Veteran Cook Team

2 KPN service team

8:45 Service Starts:  Stewardship tasks include maintenance on all equipment to keep the good times rolling. KPN has a fleet of equipment that takes a day to get inspected, lubed, oil and filters changed. 

10:50 Lunch portions are wrapped in tin foil and kept warm.

11:15 The KPN team departs for Christian Brothers to set up at 11:30 to 11:55

11:55 Lunch provided by KPN to Christian Brothers and any customers and those we invite from the community. 

1:30 Group tears down and return back to KPN HQ

3:00 Final group review and apply what lessons you learned. Quiz and dates for the next KPN event: Reflect on how to make the process better. 

Quiz= If we had to do the day all over again, what would we change to serve veterans better, their families and their sponsors.

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