Event Dates

Jan 5, 2023

Event Times

6:30 pm CST


Lone Star Community Center 
2500 Lone Star Pkwy, Montgomery, TX 77356  


When returning home at the end of any KPN event,  you will be able to reflect on the peace of mind you feel by doing something with and for others. It’s a perfect blend of connecting, being part of something, and meeting interesting individuals from three generations.


Location: 2500 Lone Star Pkwy, Montgomery, TX 77356  Lone Star Community Center 

Required by an attendee: Nothing but Kindness. However, if you have things to repurpose as a donation, bring them.

What will you experience by volunteering>A chance to network with others? Rekindle with those you know or make a NEW friends. Clarifying your own mission and how to engage.

  • Celebrating with others during and afterwards.
  • Verify how you get advance notice when events are going to happen https://kpnusa.com/upcoming-events/
  • Give input on the event and how to help lend a hand in the future. 
  1. What is the purpose of KPNUSA? It is about being mindful of what’s most fulfilling.
  • It is doing stewardship to sustain our beautiful forest.
  • It is about craving the best life and charting the path for yourself and others.

6:30 pm: Updates, announcements and accolades.

8:30 pm: Adjourn




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