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Event Time

6:45 pm CST

Location: The exact location once you register 


Some arrive at 6:00 PM on the dot, others a bit early and snack hang by the fire etc.

At the race start, the crew will be glued to the 82-inch TV at the GYM (Where “Guys Yack about Motorcycles”)

These gentlemen of the GYM nibble low-calorie chips and burgers.

Sipping fitness water and barley pop. 

Bets are placed on who will win the season. Each rooting for their pick to win the first race and talking smack.   

This year is an industry first. Indoor Supercross and Outdoor Motocross are being combined for a Ten million dollars purse. 

Season Details here:


Required by an attendee: Nothing but Kindness however, if you have things to repurpose as a donation, bring them.

Extended to the attendee:

  • A chance to network with others
  • Rekindle with those you know or make a NEW friend
  • Clarifying the mission and how to engage
  • Celebrating those on the path 
  • Verify how you get advance notice WHEN events are going to happen https://kpnusa.com/upcoming-events/
  • Input on event details and how to help lend a hand. 

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