Event Dates

Aug 3, 2022

Event Times

6:15 pm CDT


Lone Star Community Center 
2500 Lone Star Pkwy, Montgomery, TX 77356  

Event Element

Multi-Use Motorized

Location: 2500 Lone Star Pkwy, Montgomery, TX 77356  Lone Star Community Center 

Required by an attendee: Nothing but Kindness however if you have stuff to repurpose as a donation bring it.

Extended to the attendee:

  • Food, Beverage, Dessert 
  • A chance to win new retail items
  • A chance to network with others
  • Rekindle with those you know or make a NEW friend
  • Clarifying mission and how to be a part 
  • Celebrating those on the path
  • Advance notice WHEN events are going to happen
  • Input on event details and how to make “it” better. What is “it”? 

 To ensure the fulfilling effects of the forest.

  • It is about being mindful of what’s most fulfilling 
  • It is doing stewardship to sustain 
  • It is about craving the best life and charting the path


6:00 pm: Early Birds may arrive, help set up. Observing what needs doing, pitch in. Supplying whatever to whoever needs a helping hand. Takes about 10 minutes then make sure the food is ready and socialize.

6:30 pm Bless the meal and eat:  The majority of folks arrive at this time. Pick a table, eat catch up. Share a recent trip or vacation you have been on.

7:00 pm: Updates announcements and accolades. Solidify next event format changes. Vote

7:30 pm: Presenter

8:00 pm: Adjourn Final review fill out a feedback form and submit for drawing to get your swag!

8:15 pm:  Clean up, pack up, returning the room as we found it.

Registration Form Required

Association with the military or law enforcement
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Yes, I understand this event is happening in Montgomery at the Lone Star Community Center(Required)
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When returning home at the end of the event you will be able to reflect on the following: Peace of mind created by doing something with and for others. It's a perfect blend of connecting, being part of something plus you meet interesting people from 3 generations.