Event Dates

Nov 20, 2025

Event Times

7:30 am CST


Kelly’s Pond Walker County

Alternate Location (If Bad Weather)

The GYM. Montgomery, TX 77356

Event Element

Multi-Use Motorized

Location: Kelly’s Pond Walker County is the primary location. If conditions are not optimum, we gather at “the” alternative location. You will be texted night prior if changed from Kelly’s Pond. 

Required by attendee: Durable attitude and equipment. Annual Pass. Sticker, Fuel, Hydration, something to eat, something to pass or lift the spirits of others.

Extended to the attendee: Structured guide ensures the safest ride. We rest periodically to regroup to check equipment ensuring maximum fun!

Theme: Shut off the brain and just ride. The school of hard knocks has schooled us. We need balance. The need throttle therapy.


7:30 am: Independent Early Birds can arrive, pick a route and head out immediately. Others may wish to embrace the stewardship. Help set up, check air, chains, tires, prep with hydration, tools, maps, supplying whatever to whoever needs a helping hand.

8:45 Sevice Starts:  A volunteer leads and another brings up the rear. We stop, regrouping quickly then lengthen the duration between stops  .

11:55 Lunch to reflect on first session, updates on Supercross standings, Motorcycle maintenance and setup knowledge transfer.

1:30 Fast pace review of the trail. Practice the safety procedures and performance techniques learned at lunch.

3:00 Final review and apply what you learned to increase endurance.

3:45 Clean up, pack up, solidify next event format changes. Head home or to the GYM

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When returning home at the end of the day, you will be able to report the following: Peace of mind created by doing something difficult with others that "get it" When and how the family get more involved? How can we make events like this happen ongoing? How can we ensure we have a place to assemble for mission purpose long term?